Hunt More, Pay Less!

Our Experience

Over 40 years experience hunting big game. Allow our experience and extensive network of guides and outfitters to provide you the best hunts.

Why Us?

We're a part-time hunting consulting service. We don't have full-time hunting consultants traveling the world filming our hunts. As a result, we keep our hunt prices low allowing you to hunt more and pay less. This provides you the Best Value in Hunts.

Outdoor Destinations

North America


Offering trophy hunts for deer, elk, bear, pronghorn, moose, sheep, mountain goat, cougar and bison.

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Offering trophy hunts for Spanish Ibex and Chamois.

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Offering trophy hunts for cape buffalo, sable and plains game in South Africa.

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South Pacific


Offering trophy hunts for Red Stag, Himalayan Tahr and Chamois in New Zealand. 

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