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New Mexico Cougar & Bobcat

The cougar is a magnificent trophy, but an extremely elusive animal that requires the aid of well-trained hounds. Our outfitter has earned a reputation as one of the top producers of cougar in New Mexico. Overall success, year after year, exceeds 80%. Cougar are hunted on foot, from horseback, four-wheel drives and snowmobiles depending upon weather conditions. Fresh snow is always welcomed, but not absolutely necessary. Several cougars are harvested each year on bare ground. Bobcat can be combined with cougar for an additional $550. There is no limit on bobcat and many hunters have the opportunity to take more than one. Licenses are sold over the counter. If you’re looking for a wonderful winter hunting experience, call us.
2017 Prices:
$5,000 (1x1) on 10 day hunts. Bobcat can be combined with cougar for an additional $550
$5,500 (1x1) On-call (Tom only) hunts; no kill no pay
2017 Dates: November through April
Personalized guide service, lodging, meals, in-field transportation, and trophy care.
Transportation to/from airport, tax, license(s), meat processing, taxidermy, and gratuities.
North American Hunts

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