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Welcome to Best Value Hunts. We are a hunting consulting service which specializes in providing multi-species hunts for less than single species hunts found elsewhere. This results in huge savings and the ability to hunt more animals. Our goal is to become your one source for pursuing all big game. This endeavor was conceived years ago, while personally trying to find a quality hunt at a reasonable price. 

What constitutes best value? In our opinion, two things. First, the optimum balance between trophy quality, success rate, quality of the hunt, and price.  Secondly, the ability to hunt multiple species for the same price, when compared to a single species hunt found elsewhere.

If you compare our hunts to others, you will find we offer the best value.  

We aggressively work towards offering hunts for all North American big game animals. In the near future, we will also offer international hunts in Africa and New Zealand. Please browse our website. If you don’t find the perfect hunt, call us. We will find the right hunt for you.

Why select Best Value Hunts? I have been passionate about hunting North American big game for over 37 years and have personally harvested deer, elk, bear, antelope, sheep and mountain goat. During these adventures, I have learned a great deal about the hunting community and the outfitting industry. Let my experience and research help you choose your next hunt.

I’m excited to share my passion for the great outdoors.  

Michael Haiss
Hunting Consultant

North American Hunts

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