North America Trophy Cougar Hunts

New Mexico Cougar & Bobcat


The cougar or mountain lion is a magnificent trophy, but an extremely elusive animal that requires the aid of well-trained hounds. Our outfitter has earned a reputation as one of the top producers of cougar in New Mexico. Overall success, year after year, exceeds 80%. Cougar are hunted on foot, from horseback, four-wheel drives and snowmobiles depending upon weather conditions. Bobcat can be combined with cougar for an additional $550. Licenses are sold over the counter. If interested, contact us for additional information.

Dates: October – April (10-day hunts).

Prices: Start from $6,000 + taxes & license(s). 

World Class BC Cougar & Lynx


These trophy cougar hunts take place in the beautiful Cariboo region of British Columbia. Our outfitter has exclusive guiding rights to 3,500 square miles of prime big game country bordering the Wells Gray Provincial Park. The exceptional genetics of this area are second to none on world class cats. Our outfitter has been over 95% successful on incredible cougar, half of which make B&C. Lynx can be added on a $2,000 trophy fee. On a 10-day hunt, the likelihood of getting both cats is very good. If interested, contact us for additional information.

Dates: Mid-November – March (7 and 10-day hunts).

Prices: Start from $9,000 + taxes, license, tag(s) & GOABC Hunter Preservation Fund.