North American Hunts

North American Hunts - Sheep

New Mexico
Bighorn Sheep

This hunt takes place in the Pecos, Latir and Wheeler Peak Wilderness areas of Northern New Mexico. Our outfitter has been 100% successful on rams averaging 180”. The application deadline is March 18, 2015.

Alaska Dall's Sheep, Caribou, Black Bear & Wolf

This Dall’s sheep hunt takes place in the Western Alaska Range. Our outfitter has been 80-85% successful on rams averaging 36” in length. Barren-ground caribou, black bear, wolf and wolverine can be harvested at no additional charge.

British Columbia Stone's Sheep, Black Bear & Wolf

This Stone’s sheep hunt takes place in Northern British Columbia. The exceptional genetics of this area are second to none on world class sheep. Our outfitter has been over 95% successful on incredible rams. Black bear and wolf are included.
North American Hunts

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